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Narmada River Pictures

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[Map of the Narmada River]

[View of Picturesque Narmada Bank Near Jabalpur]

cc-by/3.0 from Rbsrajput

[Narmada river in Omkareshwar]

[Omkareshwar temple on the banks of Narmada river]

[Tigress with her two cubs in Kanha National Park]

[Bhimbetka rock painting]

cc-by/3.0 from LRBurdak

[Layout of Water Resources Development Projects in the Narmada Basin in Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Nvvchar

[Indira Sagar dam partially completed in Madhya Pradesh]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Nvvchar

[View of Jobat dam]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Nvvchar

[Omkareswar project – Canal aqueduct]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Nvvchar

[Sardar Sarovar Canal with flow]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Nvvchar

[Narmadakund and temples, origin of Narmada River]

cc-by/3.0 from LRBurdak

[Marble rocks alongside Narmada River]

pd from Hsk007in

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