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Southeastern Louisiana University Pictures

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[Commons Area in Southeastern's War Memorial Student Union]

pd from Ente75

[Part of the campus, looking east: Zachary Taylor Hall , Pride Hall , Linus A]

[Friendship Circle on Southeastern's campus is dominated by Friendship Oak]

[Southeastern's already ample parking was augmented in 2008 by this innovation undertaken by the Student Government...]

[Foreground: Pedestrian underpass beneath LA 3234  on the Southeastern campus]

[Many Southeastern Louisiana University students reside safely in the fenced and gated on]

[Rustic footbridges across Ponchatoula Creek provide egress between Southeastern's campus and spacious North Park]

[This medallion is the State of Louisiana's sole public commemoration of the 1930s governorship of Richard W]

[Fayard Hall, completed in 2001, makes practical use of brick, glass, light, and open space]

[Southeastern participates in research with the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum in Madisonville]

[Southeastern's 'Lucius McGehee Hall' was named for Hammond physician Lucius W]

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