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Guwahati Pictures

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[LGBI Airport, Guwahati]

cc-by/3.0 from Abymac

[A beautiful view of sunset across the Brahmaputra river near Sukleswar ghat in Guwahati]

cc-by/2.5 from Deepraj

[Bor Sola Beel of Guwahati]

cc-by/2.5 from Dkonwar

[A view of Umananda Temple in the beautiful pea-cock island]

cc-by/3.0 from Jetck

[Shankardev Kalakschetra's Rang Ghar Gate]

[A Rhino at Assam State Zoo]

cc-by/3.0 from ZooFari

[A view of the city]

[View of the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati from Nilachal hill.]

[Cotton College buildings]

[View of part of Guwahati from the Sarania Hills, with the Brahmaputra river]

pd from Mozzworld

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