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Zamboanga City Pictures

Main Big photo
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[Consejo de la Ciudad de Zamboanga.]

[Central Bank of the Philippines]

[Sardines Capital of the Philippines]

[Interior of the Port Pilar]

[Philippine Veterans Legion]

[Centuries-old acacia trees Calle Rizal]

[Cruz Major overlooking the city and the Basilan Strait]

[Las Campanas del Santurio de la Virgen del Pilar]

[Zamboanga City National Museum]

[Modern Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception]

[Port Pilar Altar]

[Paseo del Mar el Comedor]

[Zamboanga Doctors' Hospital.]

[Zamboanga City Medical Center (TZU -CHI Great Love Eye Center).]

[Department of Foreign Affairs]

[City Hall of Zamboanga]

[Plaza Pershing in Downtown Zamboanga]

[Reconstruction of the old flag of the Republic of Zamboanga.]

[Corps de garde à Samboangan during circa 1846]

[City hall of Zamboanga City.]

[A picture of Zamboanga City]

[Zamboanga International Seaport]

[Calle_Mayor Jaldon y Calle Buenavista]

[Southway Square and Plaza Pershing]

[The Gateway'' & the ''Southway Mall]

[Calle Climaco Central Business]

[Universidad de Zamboanga city campus.]

[USNS Mercy (T-AH-19)is anchored off of the coast of Zamboanga City]

[Interior of the Port Pilar; Part of Z.C. National Museum]

[Zamboanga City Hall and Rizal Monument]

[Paseo del Mar y el Balangay Expedition 2010]

[Centuries-old acacia trees Calle Rizal]

[Jose Rizal Monument]

[Hall of Justice Building]

[PLDT and Smart Telecommunication Office]

[Zamboanga International Seaport]

[Zamboanga International Airport]

[Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative]

[Isla de Santa Cruz]

[Pasonanca Pool]

[Salāhuddīn Mosque]

[Zamboanga Fortress (now Fort Pillar), from before (left) and present (right).]

[Zamboanga City Charter Signing.]

pd from Jjarivera

[Satellite Towers of Smart and PLDT]

[Paseo del Mar]

[Fort Pilar Shrine]

[Jardin Maria Clara Llobregat]

[Maria Clara Lobregat Monument]

[Dullian Falls]

[Zamboanga Golf and Country Club]

[Maria Clara Lobregat Museum]

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