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Longview, Texas Pictures

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[Longview's tallest building is unnamed]

[Longview sign on Interstate 20]

[Heritage Plaza.]

[Looking west on Tyler Street in downtown Longview]

[The popular Balloon Glow was first performed in Longview]

[AlleyFest happens on the streets of Downtown Longview Texas]

[Zonta Antique Show and Sale]

[Rare snow scene in Longview from Good Shepherd Medical Ctr.]

[Downtown Longview in the historic district]

[LeTourneau Technologies in Longview]

[S.E. Belcher, Jr. Chapel and Performance Center at LeTourneau University]

[Longview Municipal Building]

[Texas Bank & Trust Company in downtown Longview]

[First Baptist Church at Fredonia & South Streets]

[First United Methodist Church at Whaley & Fredonia Streets.]

[First Presbyterian Church at Methvin & Center Streets.]

[1873 Heritage Wall: The Birth of Longview]

[O.H. Methvin historical marker at Gregg County Courthouse; enlarge to read.]

[1890s Heritage Wall in Longview]

[1930s Heritage Wall in Longview]

[This U.S. Post Office in downtown Longview was constructed during the New Deal.]

[The Longview Museum of Fine Arts Sculpture Garden exhibits different artists' work each year]

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