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Sialkot Pictures

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[Sialkot International Airport]

[Jinnah Stadium (Sialkot)]

[Daewoo Coach Station]

[Murray College Sialkot Main Hall]

[Map of Sialkot City]

[Iqbal Manzil]

[Sialkot Fort]

[Faiz Ahmed Faiz]

[Football manufacturing]

[Surgical Instruments made in Sialkot]

[Battle of Chawinda was the biggest tank battle since the Battle of Kursk in World War II]

[Sealkote Fort, 1862 sketch by A. H. Hope Wedderburn (1823-1900)]

[Seerat Study Center]

[Iqbal Square, Sialkot]

[Allama Iqbal Square at night]

[Iqbal Manzil, Allama Muhammad Iqbal House and Museum.]

[Sialkot Cathedral, established in 1850]

[Shawala Teja Singh - An old Hindu Temple near Sialkot]

[Sialkot Town Hall]

[Traditional Architecture in the old city]

[Traditional Woodwork Architecture in the old city]

[The old city area of Sialkot with a Hindu temple in back ground]

[Aerial view of city]

[Aerial view of old city]

[A busy bazar scene]

[A busy street in Sialkot]

[Pakistan-India Working Boundary near Sialkot]

pd from Umair ua

[Sialkot Junction City Railway Station]

[Emerging International Food Chains, KFC Sialkot]

[A chain fashion store in Sialkot]

[A shopping mall outside city area]

[Sindbad Fun House]

[Rauf Tower Hotel Sialkot]

[Taj Hotel Sialkot]

[A Car Show Room, Sialkot]

[A newly-developed residential area in Sialkot]

[One of the main boulevards in Sialkot]

[Sialkot, The Green City]

[A green boulevard in Sialkot]

[Kashmir Road Sialkot]

[Wazirabad Road, Gateway to Sialkot]

[Shahabpura Road, Gateway to Sialkot]

[Old city area in Sialkot]

[A War Monument, Sialkot]

[A War Mounument at Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park, Sialkot]

[Iqbal Mounument (with the Jamia Mosque Minaret in background)]

[Saga Square, Sialkot]

[Anwar Khawaja Square, Sialkot]

[Town Hall Sialkot]

[A colorful bus on a Sialkot road]

[Cresent Hockey Club playing match in sialkot]

[Public Transport Buses]

[Sialkot International Airport Tower]

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