Beijing Pictures

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[A corner tower of the Forbidden City]

[Beihai Park, an extensive imperial garden in the center of Beijing]

[The Beijing Botanical Garden]

[The popular student hangout, Wudaokou, in northwestern Beijing at night]

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[Chaoyang Park in Beijing's Chaoyang District]

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[Beijing Financial Street, the economic centre of Beijing]

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[Zhongguancun is a technology hub in Haidian District]

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[The National Centre for the Performing Arts]

[The Old Beijing Observatory]

[Classical gardens in Beijing]

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[The Beijing Railway Station]

[An air-conditioned articulated bus operating on Beijing Bus Rapid Transit Line 1]

[Beijing Capital International Airport's new Terminal 3]

[Line 5 platform at Dongdan station, with platform screen doors]

[Tsinghua University is a top university in mainland China]

[Changpu River Park near the Forbidden City]

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[A Chinese cloisonné dish from the Qing dynasty]

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[Wangfujing Cathedral]

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[A German postcard of Beijing from 1900]

[The Pagoda of Tianning Temple, at 13 stories and 57]

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[Mao Zedong proclaiming the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949]

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[Shichahai, located in the Xicheng District, is traditionally one of Beijing's most beautiful and charming scenic...]

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