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Winter Palace Pictures

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[Rastrelli's Neva facade upon which Aurora trained her guns]

[The first Winter Palace, designed in 1711 for Peter the Great, by Domenico Trezzini who, 16 years later, was to...]

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[Plan showing the use and division of the principal floor, as occupied in the 1840s]

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[The devastation inside the Winter palace following the 1880 attempt on Alexander II's life]

[Nicholas II and the Tsaritsa dressed as Alexis I and Maria Miloslavskaya, for the Winter Palace's last Imperial...]

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[Gates to the Winter Palace]

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[The Rotonda]

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[The Nicholas Hall  is the principal reception room, at the centre of the Neva enfilade]

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[The Armorial Hall, or Guard Room,  is decorated with vast stucco panoplies]

[The third Winter Palace of 1727]

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[Frans Hals' Portrait of a Young Man Holding a Glove, purchased for the Winter Palace in 1764]

[Rembrandt's Portrait of a Scholar purchased in 1769]

[The Winter Palace's Grand Church today retains its original rococo decoration]

[The caryatid portico to the extension of Catherine II's New Hermitage, Russia's first public art gallery]

[Alexander II photographed in his study (24) at the Winter Palace]

pd from Butko

[In 1914, the Tsar and Tsaritsa bless their troops from the balcony of the Winter Palace]

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[The Malachite Room, seat of the Provisional Government, who were arrested in the adjoining Private Dining Room]

[St George's Hall, the principal throne room of the Tsars of Russia.]

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[Nicholas II, last Tsar of all the Russias, in the Nicholas Hall.]

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[1915, the Nicholas Hall transformed to a hospital ward.]

pd from Giano II

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