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Petersen Events Center Pictures

Main Big photo
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[The Pete also hosts Pitt's graduation ceremonies]

[The early minutes of a game against number one ranked UConn in 2009]

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[An inside view of the arena.]

[The Petersen Events Center's plaza is also the site of one of the campus' Panther statues and the former site of...]

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[Floor level luxury suite]

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[[[Panthers of Pittsburgh]

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[Panther outside the Pete]

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[Main court with floor seats folded up]

[Looking down on the Pete lawn from Sutherland Drive]

[Inside the main lobby looking out to [[University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine#Scaife Hall]

[Interior main lobby escalators]

[[[Pittsburgh Panthers men's basketball]

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[[[Pittsburgh Panthers women's basketball]

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[The Pete set up for the April 2009 Commencement]

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