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Feni Girls Cadet College Pictures

Main Big photo
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[College Gate]

[Cadets at computer lab]

[Academic Building]

[Indoor Games]

[Outing at historical Panam City, Sonargaon]

[College Hospital (Bir Sreshtho Nur Muhammad Hospital)]

[College Music Team(Runner Up in ICCLMM:2007) with Principal and Officers]

[Band Show in Inter Cadet College Literary and Music Meet(ICCLMM):2006]

[Bengali and English Periodical]

[Talent Show]

[Cadets performing dance at a cultural show]

[Cadets at Sitakundo Eco Park]

[Novices' Drill Competition]

[Arts and Crafts Club]

[Cadets playing Hand ball]

['Inaugural Ceremony:' From left Mr Faizul Hasan,Mr Mahmud Hassan Monsur , Ex Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia,...]

[Cadets at class room]

[Cadets at College library]

[Administrative Building]

[College Flag]

[Plantation of sapling by Ex Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia]

[Only surviving building from World War II Airfield, used as site office by MES]

[Flag Raising on Victory Day]

[Celebration of Victory Day]

[Cultural Program on Victory Day]

[Commemoration of Languge Movement Day]

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