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Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad Pictures

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[A picture of Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad]

pd from Volcycle

[Facing north at the old  WB&A and B&A Linthicum Heights station, where the MTA Light Rail line joins the original...]

cc-by/3.0 from JGHowes

[B&A Shortline crosses Severn River on trestle bridge]

[B&A Diesel Engine used to pull freight, cira 1980s]

[B&A Steam Engine]

[Passangers Depart a later WBA(after B&A was bought) trolley cira 1934]]

[Glen Burnie Station - 1941]

[Marley Station -1944]

[Pasadena Station 1947(notice spur for sand/gravel pit in rear]

[Arnold Station -1941]

[Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad Company's motorcoach # 2103 is a 1969 GM Buffalo 40' model PD4903A with seating...]

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