Chevrolet Vega Pictures

Main Big photo

[1972 Chevrolet Vega GT Hatchback]

[1973 Vega GT, 1972 Pinto Runabout & 1971 Gremlin X at Fine Arts Center built in 1975 of UMass Amherst, photograhed...]

[1970 Chevrolet Teaser Ad - May 1970]

[XP-887 Coupe clay model, GM studio September 1968]

[XP-887 Coupe, Chevrolet studio - final design]

[Vega height, width & track]

[Vega wheelbase & overall length]

[Vega cutaway shows door beams & double paneled roof]

[1971 Vega Hatchback Coupe]

[1971 Vega Sedan (Notchback)]

[1971 Vega Panel Express]

[1971 Vega Panel Express]

[1972 Vega Kammback Wagon]

[1973 Vega GT Hatchback CoupeLimited special edition Millionth Vega]

[Interior of Limited special edition Millionth Vega has 'accent]

[1973 Vega GT Hatchback Coupe]

[1974 Vega GT Hatchback Coupe]

[1974 Vega Hatchback CoupeLimited special edition Spirit of America]

[1977 Vega GT Hatchback Coupe]

[1976 Vega, 60,000 miles in 60 days New York International Auto Show, 1976]

[Vega's all aluminum cylinder block]

[Aluminum block has 17 percent silicon content, free standing siamese cylinder walls]

[Silicon cylinder bore magnified 680 times]

[Four-layer electro-plated piston skirts]

[1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega]

[Chevrolet press kit photograph, 1975]

[1975 Cosworth Vega Hatchback Coupe]

[Chevrolet Vega advertisement-1971]

[Chevrolet Vega advertisement-1972]

[Chevrolet Vega advertisement-1971]

[Chevrolet Vega GT advertisement-1973]

[Chevrolet Vega GT advertisement-1974]

[Chevrolet Vega advertisement-1975]

[Chevrolet Cosworth Twin Cam Vega advertisement-1975]

[Workers on the Lordstown Vega Assembly line]

pd from Yassie

[John DeLorean and Vega 2300 - 1970]

[1972 Vega Sedan,Belgian blocks road test]

[Chevrolet sales folder, Motor Trend Economy Car of the Year - 1973 Vega GT]

[Chevrolet sales folder, Car and Driver Best Economy Sedan - 1973 Vega]

[XP-887 Wagon clay model, GM studio December 1968]

[Fisher Body Vega Elpo dip]

[1972 Vega Kammback Wagon, 140 CID I4 RPO L11 with Rochester 2-bbl. carburetor]

[1973 XP-898 Concept car]

[1973 Astre GT Hatchback coupe]

[1974 Astre Hatchback Coupe]

[1978 Monza 'S' Hatchback Coupe]

[1978 Monza Estate Wagon]

[1978 Sunbird Safari Wagon]

[1971 Motion V8 Vega]

pd from Bull-Doser

[1971 Vega Panel Express1973 Vega GT]

[No. 1 Vega built, Lordstown AssemblyJune 26, 1970, photographed 2005]

[1976 Vegas on the 60,000 miles in 60 days Durability Run]

[The 1973 Chevrolet XP-898 engine]

[Building Chevrolet Vegas at Lordstown Assembly - Lordstown Ohio, USA]

[Cosworth Twin-Cam 122 CID (2.0 L) EFI I-4, 110 hp]

[1971 Vega Kammback Wagon]

[1976 Cosworth Vega Hatchback Coupe]

[Chevrolet Vega 2300 (140 cu in) 1bbl. L4]

[30 Vegas in a single Vert-a-pac]

[Vegas loaded on Vert-a-pac]

[1974 Vega RC2-206 Wankel]

[1972 GM Rotary engine cutaway shows twin-rotors]

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