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War of the Triple Alliance Pictures

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[Compilation of photographies from the War of the Triple Alliance taken before 1871]

pd from Lecen

[Emperor Pedro II wearing a southern Brazilian traditional outfit during his visit to Uruguaiana in the province of...]

pd from Lecen

[A Paraguayan cavalry unit  is attacked by that of the allies]

[Preparations for the victory celebration in Brazil, 1870.]

pd from Lecen

[Batalla de Riachuelo, by Eduardo de Martino]

pd from Tetraktys

[A Paraguayan soldier late in the war on sentry duty at López' headquarters was lucky to have a worn]

[Scene of the Battle of Tuyutí, by Cándido López).]

pd from Stigmj

[Paraguayan borders from independence to the present time]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Dawson093

[Brazilians soldiers in guerrilla operations on War of the Triple Alliance.]

pd from Lecen

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