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M60 machine gun Pictures

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[A picture of M60 machine gun]

[Firing an M60 machine gun from the standing position during the DEFENDER CHALLENGE '88 competition]

[M60 in Vietnam, 1966]

pd from W.wolny

[An Airman of the UK's Royal Air Force handles an M60 during a demonstration for Combined Joint Task Force Exercise...]

[M60 machine gun fired during a small arms familiarization exercise aboard USS Blue Ridge]

pd from Nemo5576

[A member of the 810th Military Police Company mans a 7]

[A picture of M60 machine gun]

pd from Nemo5576

[An M60 machine gun team changes barrels before engaging their last target during the DEFENDER CHALLENGE '88...]

[M60 on the deck of USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in 2006]

[M60E2, intended for co-axial use. Note gas tube extension and no grip.]

pd from Ve3

[The M60D on the M23 Armament Subsystem]

pd from Maclyn611

[Navy SEAL team member fires an M60E3 from the shoulder during a field training exercise in 1987]

[A recruit pulls back the bolt of an M60  Maremont lightweight machine gun before firing it during a weapons...]

[Republic of Korea soldiers with an M60 conduct combined amphibious landing during Foal Eagle 07]

[Portuguese Army V-150 Commando armed with an M60.]

[Airman with M60, assigned to the 52nd Security Forces Squadron , at Spangdahlem Air Base , Germany]

[The experimental T]

pd from Koalorka

[A soldier wearing an M1 Helmet]

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