Holden Special Pictures

Main Big photo

[Holden FB Panel Van 1960 Model 2104 Honey Beige, Original Window Less, Possibly the best surviving example]

[Holden FB 1961 Special Sedan Model 225 Factory Twilight Turquoise with Grecian White Flash]

[Holden FB 1960 Utility Model 2106 in factory finish Glade Green]

[Holden FB 1960 Standard Station Sedan Model 219 Factory Honey Beige Ex Ambulance]

[Holden FB 1960 Standard Sedan Model 215 Factory Nitro Belmont Green Original Duco]

[Holden FB Special 1960 Model 225 Special, Factory Duco  Fernando Yellow Nitro]

[Holden FB 1960 Model 225 Special, Factory Acrylic  Satellite Yellow Magic Mirror finish]

[Holden EK Standard Station Sedan 1961 model 219 Cataract Grey]

[Holden EK Standard Sedan 1961 Model 215 Original Kiewa Grey  SEC State Electricity Commission of Melbourne]

[Holden EK Utility 1961 Model 2106 Factory Strata Blue]

[Holden EK 1961 Special Sedan Model 225 Snowcrest White Cameo Beige roof  Canopy Industries accessory Flashline]

[Holden EK 1961 Panel Van Model 2104 Factory Pittwater Green with Canopy Industries accessory window]

[Holden EK 1961 Station Sedan Model 229 Factory Snowcrest White with Red Flashline by Canopy Industries]

[Holden EK 1961 Utility Model 2106 Snowcrest White with accessory Canopy industries rare Flashline]

[Holden FB Standard Sedan.]

[Holden FB Trim.]

[Holden Dealer logo FB.]

[Holden FB Owners Manual.]

[1961–1962 Holden EK Special]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Bidgee

[Holden EK Speedo with Orange wheel, from the 9000 mile EK in Cameo Beige.]

[Holden EK Trim.]

[Holden FB EK Service Book.]

[Holden EJ Special Station Sedan.]

[Holden EH Special sedan.]

[Holden Dealer logo FB.]

[Holden FJ Special]

pd from Charles01

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