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Miami Beach High School Pictures

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[A picture of Miami Beach High School]

[Miami Beach Senior High principal in her office]

[Miami Beach Senior High is a mile away from Lincoln Road and South Beach.]

[The Miami Beach Senior High school bandroom in Building 3]

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[Inside a classroom at Miami Beach Senior High (Building 2) during final exams.]

[The auditorium at MBSH during an assembly.]

[Students during lunch in Building 4 hallway (formerly 900 Wing).]

[Brett Ratner was one of the latest alumni to work in the Hollywood film industry]

[Miami Beach Senior High's notable NFL alumni at a school luncheon (From left]

[Tego Calderón was exposed to several different cultures throughout his tenure at Beach High, eventually studying...]

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[MBSH Varsity Football team doing the Pledge of Allegiance.]

[Miami Beach Senior High cheerleaders with Miami Dolphins cheerleaders at ceremonial groundbreaking for new...]

[Newly elected DECA State Vice]

[The Miami Beach Senior High school auditorium without any students during the summer]

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[The all new Miami Beach Senior High gym]

[The new school cafeteria to be first used in the incoming school year.]

[The Class of 2010 senior prank involving a sculpture of the year is expected to be a legendary one]

[Two innocent seniors take advantage of the prank by posing for a picture on the roof]

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