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Austro–Hungarian Army Pictures

Main Big photo
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[Infantry officer, duty dress]

[Mountain Rifles, battle dress]

[Hussar of the Honvéd]

[Master-Sergeant of the Medical Corps]

[Adjutant of his Majesty the Emperor]

[Officer of the Field-Artillery]

[Captain of the Military-Police-Corps]

[Corps-areas of the Austro-Hungarian Army]

pd from Otberg

[Medals for Valour 1914 - 1918]

[A picture of Austro-Hungarian Army]

[Officer of the k.u.k. Dragoons]

[k.u.k. Dragoons Officers Helmet]

[k.u.k. Cavalry 1898]

pd from Spars

[Czapka of a subaltern in the Austro-Hungarian 2nd Uhlan Regiment c1913]

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