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King County Metro Pictures

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[Metro Buses in Seattle, Washington]

pd from Smlowe5

[Commuters wait to go back home to Seattle and/or points beyond]

cc-by/2.0 from

[Eastgate Park and Ride in Eastgate, Washington, USA]

pd from ECTran71

[Issaquah Transit Center & parking garage in Issaquah, WA, USA]

pd from ECTran71

[Gillig 40-ft Electric Trolley Bus, Coach 4170]

[On of the most used transit centers in Seattle]

[Overlake Transit Center in Redmond, Washington]

[Sound Transit's 2004 New Flyer D60LF #9537 operated by King County Metro departing Redmond Transit Center]

[Renton Transit Center]

[Opened for service October 25, 2008]

[Trolleybuses parked at Metro Transit's Atlantic Base, Seattle on Easter Day, 2007]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Vmenkov

[King County Metro Transit Bellevue Base at 1790 124th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, USA with 40' Gillig Phantom #3259...]

[A picture of Metro Transit]

[King County Metro Transit East Base at 1975 124 Ave NE, Bellevue, WA, USA with New Flyer DE60LF #2703 departing...]

[King County Metro's North Base]

[King County Metro's Ryerson Base, as seen from the Columbia Center Observation Deck]

[Metro's South Base; seen from the Sound Transit "Lunch Bus".]

[King County Metro's Atlantic base maintenance shop.]

[King County Metro's Central/Atlantic/Ryerson Operations building.]

[King County Metro's Central base maintenance shop.]

[King County Metro's Communications Control Center at 1505 6th Ave S]

[Sign outside of the CSC]

[King County Metro's Employee Parking Garage for operators at Central, Atlantic, and Ryerson bases as well as those...]

[King County Metro's Marketing Distribution Center]

[Tire & Millwright Shop at 1555 Airport Way South, Seattle, WA.]

[King County Metro Transit Power Distribution.  2255 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA.]

[A picture of Metro Transit]

[A Gillig Phantom trolley on route 4]

[A picture of Metro Transit]

[King County Metro Transit StarTrans President LF on a Workhorse LF72 chassis.]

[2008 New Flyer DE60LF Layover in Kent]

[King County Metro's New Flyer DE60LF coach # 2648 pulling in to South Base.]

[King County Metro New Flyer D60LF #2893 headed to Ryerson Base.]

[King County Metro New Flyer D40LF #3601]

[King County Metro New Flyer D60HF # 2353 headed to North Base.]

["Old Van" from Flickr user "The Lebers"]

[King County Metro 30' Gillig PHANTOM coach #1122 departing Bellevue Base going "To Terminal"]

[King County Metro Transit 35' Gillig PHANTOM #3193 parked at Central Base.]

[King County Metro Gillig PHANTOM #3436 headed back to Ryerson Base.]

[King County Metro  trolleybus 4249 was built in 1990–91 by Breda as a dual]

[Breda ADPB 350 dual]

[King County Metro trolleybus on route 43 to Downtown Seattle, at Broadway and E Olive Way]

[The most recent generation of trolleybuses in Seattle before the modern Gillig trolleys]

[Seattle Transit System coach 724 is a GM 'New Look' bus brought into service in 1968]

[Restored Brill trolley.]

[King County Metro's Van Pool center in Redmond, Washington.]

[King County Metro's South Facilities building in Tukwila, Washington]

[New Flyer DE60LFR]

[Orion VII Next Generation Hybrid #7012 of Seattle's King County Metro]

[Laying over at the Federal Way Transit Center]

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