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Franco-Prussian War Pictures

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[A picture of Franco-Prussian War]

[Map of German and French armies near their common border on 31 July 1870]

[French Lancers and Cuirassiers guarding captured Bavarian soldiers]

[Aimé Morot's La bataille de Reichshoffen, 1887]

[French warships at sea in 1870]

[Obelisk in Kleve]

cc-by/3.0 from Vdegroot

[The Prussian 7th Cuirassiers charge the French guns at the Battle of Mars]

pd from Redtony

[Juliusz Kossak, Battle of Gravelotte, depicting the Prussians at Gravelotte, 1871]

["The War: Defence of Paris—Students Going to Man the Fortifications"]

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