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Amphibious vehicle Pictures

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[Gibbs Aquada]

[Japanese sightseeing bus; uses regular cooking oil as fuel.]

pd from まも

[LARC-LX (BARC) amphibious vehicle at Sea, powered by two 4-feet propellors]

pd from Megapixie

[Alvis Stalwart HMLC Mk.2 (FV 622)]

pd from Alvisfun

[A picture of Amphibious vehicle]

[VAB rear - water jet pods clearly visible]

[A French Marine VAB takes the beach]

[Soviet BRDM-1 amphibious armored scout car]

cc-by-sa/2.5 from Hiuppo

[Soviet BTR-60 APC in Yad la-Shiryon Museum, Israel, 2005]

cc-by/2.5 from Bukvoed

[Russian KFOR BTR-80 (Kosovo, 2000)]

[MT-LB Armoured personnel carrier]

pd from Nemo5576

[BTR-80s coming ashore, engine snorkels and waterjet deployed]

[LARC-LX unloading a smaller, aluminium-hulled LARC-V (photo source: U.S. Army)]

pd from Megapixie

[Alvis Stalwart heavy-duty military truck]

pd from Collard

[BRDM-2UM in Yad la-Shiryon Museum, Israel, 2005.]

cc-by/2.5 from Bukvoed

[USMC Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle]

pd from Ratamacue

[A Polish PT]

pd from Nemo5576

[Soviet PT-76 amphibious tank in Yad la-Shiryon Museum, Israel]

cc-by/2.5 from Bukvoed

[A LARC-V vehicle.]

pd from Megapixie

[The amphibious Ninety built in 1989 for the Cowes Week sponsorship events]

cc-by/2.5 from Jmb

[Land Tamer 8x8 Remote Access Vehicle]

pd from Aintsta

[Amphicar photographed in Stuttgart 2005.]

[ZiS-485 (BAV), Muzeum Wojska Polskiego, Warszawa]

cc-by-sa/2.5 from Hiuppo

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