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F-104 Starfighter Pictures

Main Big photo
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[The first XF-104 (s/n 53-7786).]

[Lockheed F-104A-15-LO]

[Detail of F]

[M61 cannon installation of a Luftwaffe F-104G]

[83d FIS F-104As at Taiwan during the 1958 Quemoy Crisis.]

[A Tennessee ANG F-104A at Ramstein Air Base, 1961-62.]

pd from Cobatfor

[F-104A flight envelope]

pd from Emt147

[A German F]

[A Lockheed YF]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Kurgus

[A picture of F-104 Starfighter]

[A German RF-104G in flight with a 66th TRW RF-101C.]

pd from Cobatfor

[Chuck Yeager in the cockpit of an NF-104A, 4 December 1963]

pd from Balcer

[A picture of Aeritalia F-104S]

pd from Bzuk

[CF-104 displayed at CFB Borden]

cc-by/2.5 from Balcer

[F-104 Starfighter]

pd from Roo72

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