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Sami people Pictures

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[Norwegian singer Mari Boine.]

pd from Mahlum

[A picture of Sami people]

pd from Melesse

[Helga Pedersen]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Melesse

[Sami mother with her children]

pd from Moverton

[A Sea Sami man from Norway by Prince Roland Bonaparte in 1884.]

pd from Selkki

[A Pite Sami from Beiarn, Norway]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Eino81

[Traditional garb]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from user:gatm

[Marry Áilonieida Somby, a Sami author from Deatnu]

cc-by/3.0 from orland

[Muitalus sámiid birra by Johan Turi]

[Drum of Sami Noaidi]

[Lars Monsen, adventure, bushcraft, journalism]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Futti

[Sami singer Mari Boine]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Kotoviski

[Sami actor Mikkel Gaup in 1987 Norwegian-Sami film Ofelas (Pathfinder).]

cc-by/2.5 from SaamiArts

[Sami actress Anni-Kristiina Juuso]

cc-by/2.5 from SaamiArts

[Sami skier Anja Pärson]

[Sami film Kautokeino Rebellion]

cc-by/2.5 from SaamiArts

[A picture of Man]

pd from Melesse

[In Kanevka on the Ponoy River in Russia's Lovozersky District]

[Alta Petroglyphs, UNESCO World Heritage Site]

cc-by/3.0 from Uspn


[Armed Forces Aircraft]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Bthebest

[Suorvajaure near Piteå]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Nattfodd

[Beaded belt, knife, and antler needlecase]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Thorguds

[Sami clothing in the Arctikum museum, in Rovaniemi, Finland.]

[National Sami Culture Center in Lovozero]

[Krasnoshchelye village on the Ponoi River]

[Ájtte Museum of the Sami people, Jokkmokk]

[Log cabin in Utsjoki]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Argus fin

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