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M2 Browning machine gun Pictures

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[.50 caliber machine gun mounted aboard the captured USS Pueblo in Pyongyang, North Korea]

[U.S. Marines man pintle-mounted M2HB machine guns]

pd from Koalorka

[The M2 improves Soldier effectiveness and lethality with a versatile, automatic weapon for offensive and defensive...]

[An M2 fired from a rigid-hulled inflatable boat.]

pd from Spellcast

[A picture of M2 Machine Gun]

pd from Koalorka1

[An M2HB in the French Foreign Legion's 2nd Infantry Regiment during an exercise.]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Davric

[The new M2E2 modification with quick-change barrel.]

[A Marine mans a]

pd from Spellcast

[A German Army door gunner mans an M3M onboard a CH-53]

pd from Sonaz

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