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Oil lamp Pictures

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[Traditional Indian earthenware oil lamp or diya]

cc-by/3.0 from Kumar83

[Double-nozzled oil lamp found in Samaria.]

pd from Thameen

[Oil lamp found in Lascaux, made in red sandstone. 17,000 BP.]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Sémhur

[Paavai vilakku. Anthropomorphic oil lamp from Tamil Nadu. Brass.]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Xufanc

[Blessing at a Durga puja celebration.]

[A Deepalakshmi oil lamp from Kumbakonam.]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Xufanc

[Jewish oil lamps from Sardegna in the Museo Naziona Sanna Sassari]

[Group of ancient lamps (Hellenistic and Roman)]

pd from Romulus2

[Various types of cotton wicks for oil or ghee lamps kept for sale in Ulsoor Market, Bangalore]

[Oil lamp burning before the icon of St]

pd from Roman Z

[Traditional Chinese shrine in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, containing an oil lamp.]

[Early Islamic oil lamps (11th c.), found in Southern Portugal]

[Simple contemporary indian clay oil lamp during diwali.]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Knipptang

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