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Recumbent bicycle Pictures

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[Mujer corriendo en una bicicleta reclinada en Currituck, NC. Octubre 2007]

[Cruzbike Silvio  A pivot]

cc-by-sa/3.0 from Xlez8057

[This Barcroft Columbia is an example of how a tandem recumbent can be fitted within a compact layout for easy...]

[Lowracer: Velokraft No]

pd from DiesIrae

[A tadpole recumbent tricycle made by Inspired Cycle Engineering with a transparent front fairing]

pd from Leew

[Looking west from 9th Avenue curb as Bike]

[Two short-wheelbase recumbents in an amateur HPV race]

[Lightning P38 (a short wheelbase recumbent) and rider rest during a long tour.]

['H'''and & '''F'oot recumbent tricycle]

[An example of a home built recumbent trike made from two 24" MTBs]

[Bacchetta Corsa, a short wheelbase high racer]

[A RANS V2 Formula long wheelbase recumbent bike fitted with a front fairing]

pd from Hsandy

[A competition handcycle]

[View of bicycles inside a local bike shop.]

[2008 Nazca Fuego short wheelbase recumbent with 20" front wheel and 26" rear wheel]

pd from PEHowland

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